Revival Timber Frames

Strength, Beauty, Craftsmanship


The Material

Our wood of choice is eastern white pine. It is locally harvested, readily available, relatively light to handle, very stable when drying, and a joy to work with a chisel. Below is a look at the process.


From the Trees

We contract with local loggers and sawmills for clear straight white pine. It is first cut into cants, (over-sized timbers) and allowed to air dry for a minimum of two years. After the initial drying has taken place, we put the timbers back onto our mill for final dimensions.


To the mill

After to design process is complete and a cut list has been generated, we select and mill the air-dried timbers to the correct dimensions. This ensures that the timber enter the shop square and consistent.


To the shop

The above process eliminates the majority of the wood movement, and minimizes tedious steps needed to obtain square, straight, and consistent timbers.